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TM 10-3930-665-13&P The following publications contain information pertinent to the major item materiel and associated equipment. a. Operating Vehicle. Driver Selection and Training (Wheeled Vehicles) FM 55-30 Manual for the Wheeled Vehicle Driver FM 21-305 Prevention of Motor Vehicle Accidents AR 385-55 Accident Reporting and Records AR 385-40 b. Maintenance and Repair. The Army Maintenance Management Systems (TA..S) DA PAM 738-750 Identification List for Fuels, Lubricants.  Oils and Waxes C 9100-IL Description.  Use.  Bonding Techniques.  and Properties of Adhesives TB ORD 1032 Materiels Used for Cleaning.  Preserving.  Abrading.  and Cementing Ordnance Material and Related Materials.  Including Chemicals TM 9-247 Metal Body Repair and Related Operations FM 43-2 Welding Theory and Application TM 9-247 Painting Instructions for Field Use TM 43-0139 Inspection.  Care.  and Maintenance of Anti-Friction Bearings TM 9-214 Operator’s.  Organizational.  Direct Support and General Mainten- ance Manual for Lead-Acid Storage Batteries.  4HN, 24 (NSN 6140- 00-059-3528).  MS 75047-1.  2HN.  12V (NSN 6140-00-057-2554); MS 35000-3. TM 9-6140-200-14 c. Cold Weather Operation and Maintenance Basic Cold Weather Manual FM 31-70 Northern Operations   FM 31-71 Operation and Maintenance of Ordnance Materiel in Extreme Cold Weather (0°F to -65°F) FM 9-207 Winterization Kits for Army Tank-Automotive Materiel SB 9-16 d. Decontamination. Chemical.  Biological.  and Radiological ICBRI Decontamination TM 3-220 Chemical.  Biological.  Radiological.  and Nuclear Defense (NBC) FM 21-40 General Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers Approved for Army Users TB 5-4200-200-10 Camouflage FM 5-20 Procedures for Destruction o! Equipment to Prevent Enemy Use (Mobility Equipment Command) TM 750-244-3 Administrative Storage of Equipment TM 740-90-1 Preservation of USAMECOM Mechanical Equipment for Shipment and Storage TM 740-97-2 A-2


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