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TM 10-3930-665-13&P SECTION V REPAIR 3-7  REPLACING THE MOTOR Removal: a.  Remove the cover on the motor case, remove (and discard) the wire nuts from the feed cables.  Remove the cable from the motor. b.  Remove the four bolts securing the motor to the reducer while supporting the motor. c.  Remove the motor. Replacement: a.  Insert the motor insuring that the key engages the reducer shaft correctly. b.  Replace the bolts and tighten. c.  Reconnect the cable with new wire nuts.  Replace the wiring cover. 3-8  REPLACING IDLER ROLLERS Removal: a.  Remove the four bolts securing the roller. b.  Remove the roller. Replacement: a.  Insert the roller. b.  Replace the bolts and insure the roller is straight and turns freely. 3-6


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