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TM 10-3930-665-13&P Section II  CHANGING THE BELT 3-4  INSTALLING (REPLACING) THE BELT If the replacement of the conveyor belt becomes necessary, run the conveyor until the splice is centered on the upper bed of the conveyor.  Lockout power to the conveyor using the stop button.  Remove tension from the belt by loosing the take- up pulley on both sides.  Next remove the lacing pin.  Next remove the lower belt guard and the chain guard Loosen the drive chain by removing the lower tension sprocket and the master link.  Remove the old belt by pulling through the head end.  Once this is accomplished, the new belt can be threaded through the conveyor (See Figure 3-3).  One side of the belt will be smooth, thread the belt so that this side is facing down.  Thread the belt from the tail end of the conveyor. FIGURE 3-3. Once the  belt  has  been  threaded  through  the  conveyor, pull   the   ends   together   and   insert   lacing   pin.      (See Figure 3-4). It is important to maintain the proper tension on the belt so that it will not slip when carrying the rated load.  Belt tension  should  be  adjusted  with  the  take-up  pulley  (See Figure  3-3).    Make  certain  to  keep  pulleys  square  with bed   by   moving   both   take-up   bolts   an   equal   amount. Replace  the  drive  chain,  reinstall  the  master  link,  and replace   the   tension      sprocket.      Replace   all   machine guards. FIGURE 3-4 3-3


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