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TM 10-3510-220-24P (3) Third.  Identify the item on the figure and note the item number (4) Fourth.  Refer to the Repair Parts List for the figure to find the part number for the item number noted on the figure. (5) Fifth.  Refer to the Part Number Index to find the NSN,  if assigned. b.   When National Stock Number or Part Number Is Known. (1) First.   Using  the  Index  of  National  Stock  Numbers  and  Part  Numbers,    find  the  pertinent  National Stock  Number  or  Part  Number.    The  NSN  index  is  in  National  Item  Identification  Number  (NIIN) sequence   (see   c-a   (1)).      The   part   numbers   in   the   Part   Number   index   are   listed   In   ascending alphanumeric  sequence  (see  paragraph  c-4.b).    Both  indexes  cross-reference  you  to  the  Illustration figure and item number of the item you are looking for. (2) Second.  After finding the figure and item number,  verify that the item is the one you are looking for, then locate the item number in the repair parts list for the figure 7.  ABBREVIATIONS.  Abbreviations used in this manual are listed in MIL-STD-12. 7


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