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TB 9-2330-381-14-1
(b) If payload is angled toward streetside of semitrailer, proceed as follows:
1. Plac e scrap blocks of wood under left side track of payload, just behind last road-wheel.
2. Operate DRIVERS SIDE WINCH lever (34) and pull payload into alinement with ramps.
Mine clearing blade tines will contact ground as payload is pulled back onto
ramps. Personnel must remain well clear and winching must be performed slowly
to prevent serious injury to personnel and damage to equipment.
Maintain even tension on both winch cables to keep payload centered with
semitrailer or damage to equipment may occur.
(26) Push down DRIVERS SIDE WINCH lever (34) and PASSENGER SIDE WINCH lever (22) to pull payload
slowly up ramps onto platform, adjusting pull on either driver's side winch cable (35) or passenger side
winch cable (23), as required, to maintain alinement of payload tracks to curb guides.


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