Quantcast Unloading an able payload. (Cont) - TB-9-2330-381-14-10055

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TB 9-2330-381-14-1
(38) Raise rear support legs per TM 9-2330-381-14.
(39) Adjust ramp span width inboard (furthest inboard position) and stow loading ramps for transport as required
per TM 9-2330-381-14.
(40) Shut down APU per TM 9-2330-381-14.
(41) Stow crowbar (27) at back of platform and secure in place with hitch pin (26).
(42) Restow all tools and equipment used during unloading procedure in platform stowage compartment.
(43) If tractor/semitrailer is not going to remain parked at this time, stow tractor wheel chocks.
(44) Remove vehicle classification data plate from number holder on curbside front of tractor.
2-47/(2-48 blank)


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