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TB 9-2330-381-14-1
Failure to set the payload parking brake could allow the payload to roll causing
serious injury to personnel and damage to equipment.
Once payload is on ground and clear of semitrailer, apply payload parking brake.
Shut down payload.
Remove all tiedown chains from platform.
Stow all chains, load binders, and shackles into platform stowage compartment.
Remove two capscrews (11) and two curb guide stowage brackets (12) from forward recessed area on
Remove all 12 curb guides (15) from loading positions on platform and place in center of platform for
storage (10 curb guides located forward; 2 curb guides located aft).
Secure 10 curb guides (15), located forward, by installing two curb guide stowage brackets (12) and
capscrews (11).
Remove capscrew (13) and curb guide stowage bracket (14) from platform storage compartment.
Secure two curb guides (15), located aft, by installing curb guide stowage bracket (14) and capscrew (13).


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