Quantcast Unloading an able payload. (Cont) - TB-9-2330-381-14-10047

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TB 9-2330-381-14-1
Operate two load binders (17) to loosen both long tiedown chains (24).
Disconnect long tiedown chains (24) from load binders (17).
Remove two load binders (17) and two 25-ton shackles (20) from platform.
Disconnect two long chains (24) from payload tiedown shackles (22) in front lifting eyes (31) on front
of payload.
(n) Remove two payload tiedown shackles (22) and two load binders (17) from front lifting eyes (31) on
front of payload and remove from platform.
(o) Lay tiedown chains (16) toward center of platform, between and clear of payload tracks, until payload
is unloaded.


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