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TB 9-2330-381-14-1
(58) Stow crowbar (27) at back of platform and secure in place with hitch pin (26).
(59) Stow all tools used during loading procedure in platform stowage compartment.
(60) Remove four wheel chocks (4) from tractor tires and restow wheel chocks (4) onto tractor.
(61) Have driver pull tractor/semitrailer forward a short distance and stop. Check p yload tiedown chains for
looseness after stop, and tighten chains as necessary. If either long chain loosened, check that chain is still
routed between payload hull and tread before tightening.
(62) Use crowbar to tighten chains until they do not lose tension when tractor/semitrailer is stopped.
(63) Install vehicle classification data plate over existing numbers on curbside front of tractor.


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