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TB 9-2330-337-14
1. Ensure the fuel tanker has been emptied in accordance with appropriate Operator's Manual, Technical
Bulletin (TB) and Field Manual Procedures. The fuel tanker does not require purging or sniff testing
prior to modification.
2. Ensure the fuel tanker is properly grounded and all vessel openings have been properly and completely
3. Remove the front and rear reflectors from left and right side of vehicle (TM 9-2330-356-14). Discard
mounting hardware. Set aside reflectors for reinstallation.
4. Remove hose trough covers and hose assemblies from left and right side of vehicle (TM 9-2330-356-14).
Retain hoses, hose troughs, and hardware for reinstallation.
Perform Step 5 for fuel tankers equipped with the Lombardini engine kit modification.
5. If so equipped, remove the engine door from the right side of the vehicle (TM 9-2330-356-14). Discard
mounting hardware. Set aside engine door for disposition.
6. For vehicle preparation and applicatio n of the FTSS System, refer to Chapter 3 of this TB.
Check assembly areas for any items that could interfere with the installation of the
AOA kits, should any items be in the way; use a Plasma Cutter and/or Hand Grinder
to remove those items. Finish all exposed metal areas using a rust inhibitor primer
and paint as specified in Table 7-4, Materials and Parts. Allow for the appropriate
time for prime and paint to cure.
2-1/(2-2 blank)


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