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TB 9-2330-336-14
Fuel is very flammable and can explode easily. To avoid serious injury
or death, keep fuel away from open flame or any spark (ignition
source). Keep at least a B -C fire extinguisher nearby when working
with fuel of fuel system.
Eye and hand protection must be worn at all times when applying FTSS
Patch Kit. Failure to do so may result in injury to personnel.
1. Place the bolt head of the FRP assembly into the
magnetic socket.
2. Position the FRP assembly within 1/2- inch
(12.7 mm) of the leak by "stabbing" the patch
assembly directly into the FTSS System liner.
3. Using the socket wrench handle and extension,
tighten the FRP assembly screw until secure.
4. Observe the fuel flow. Leakage should begin to slow and noticeably stop within a few seconds. If
the leak continues, remove the patch, and relocate to a different position.
5. After leak has stopped, wipe any excess fuel from repaired area with a clean rag. Clean repaired
area with alcohol wipes. Apply caulking compound to the base of the FRP assembly to
permanently seal the patch in place.
6. Report all fuel tanker vessel damage to immediate supervisor for proper repair.


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