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TB 9-2330-336-14
INSTALLATION (continued)
82. Align rear shield bracket (38 or 39) to fender of vehicle. Using a 3/8-drill bit, center and drill two through
holes marked O, as shown.
When installing the rear shield plate, use the upper set of holes, marked M, as shown.
83. Using a 27/64- inch drill bit and rear shield (37) as a template, drill two through holes, marked M and N,
through right front (31) and rear (34) bracket, as shown.
84. Use 1/2-13 tap to thread through holes M and N in right front (31) and rear (34) bracket as shown.
85. Remove all burrs and sharp edges. Finish all exposed metal areas using a rust inhibitor primer and paint
as specified in Table 7-4, Materials and Parts. Allow for the appropriate time for primer and paint to cure.


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