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TB 9-2330-336-14
INSTALLATION (continued)
Install large shims 12500846-1 through -3, as needed, to ensure a snug and secure
fit of the filter and rear shield frame plates of the vehicle. Do not shim the area
between the frame plates, front, rear brackets.
69. Install filter mid- plate (36) on right front bracket assembly (31) with two flat washers (8), lockwashers
(10), and hexagon head capscrews (11). Hand tighten capscrews.
70. Install filter mid- plate (36) on engine and pump frame with four flat washers (8), two hexagon head
capscrews (15), lockwashers (10), and self-locking nuts (9). Hand tighten self- locking nuts.
71. Torque filter mid-plate (36) hardware to 55-65 lb-ft (75-81 Nm).


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