Quantcast Demilitarization Code - TB-9-2330-330-14-P-10120

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TB 9-2330-330-14&P-1
c. NSN - (Column 3). The NSN for the item is listed in this column.
d. CAGEC (Column 4). The Commercial and Government Entity Code (CAGEC) is a five-digit
code which is used to identify the manufacturer, distributor, or Government agency/activity that
supplies the item.
e. PART NUMBER (Column 5). Indicates the primary number used by the manufacturer
(individual, company, firm, corporation, or Government activity), which controls the design and
characteristics of the item by means of its engineering drawings, specifications, standards, and
inspection requirements to identify an item or range of items.
When you use an NSN to requisition an item, the item you receive may
have a different part number from the part ordered.
f. DESCRIPTION AND USABLE ON CODE (UOC) (Column 6). This column includes the
following information:
(1) The Federal item name and, when required, a minimum description to identify the item.
(2) Part Numbers (P/Ns) of bulk materials are referenced in this column in the line entry to be
manufactured or fabricated.
(3) Hardness Critical Item (HCI). A support item that provides the equipment with special
protection from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) damage during a nuclear attack.
(4) The statement END OF FIGURE appears just below the last item description in column (6)
for a given figure in both the repair parts list and special tools list functional groups.
g. QTY (Column 7). The QTY (quantity per figure) column indicates the quantity of the item used
in the breakout shown on the illustration/figure, which is prepared for a functional group,
subfunctional group, group or an assembly. A "V" appearing in this column in lieu of a quantity
indicates that the quantity is variable and the quantity may vary from application to application.


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