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TB 9-2330-330-14&P-1
Armor door assemblies may or may not have door handles installed when
shipped. If door handles are not installed they are supplied separately with
each door assembly. Perform Steps 35 through 38 to install the door handle
on all curbside door assemblies.
35. Position one Teflon washer on door handle.
36. From the outside of the armor door assembly, insert threaded end of door handle through the
hole in the armor door assembly. Position second Teflon washer on threaded end of door
handle on in side of armor door assembly. Teflon washers must contact the exterior and interior
surfaces of the armor door assembly.
Ensure the key in the hole seats on the key of the threaded portion of the
door handle. The latch must be positioned so that the bent ends of the latch
point away from the armor door assembly.
37. Position latch onto threaded end of door handle and install with self-locking nut.
38. Check operation of door handle. Proper range of motion of door handle limits latch travel to the
90 degree arc between the latch stops on the inside surface of the armor door assembly and
inside surface of the door frame.


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