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TB 9-2330-330-14&P-1
Remove wheel with semitrailer connected to prime mover if possible.
If semitrailer is not connected to prime mover, ensure that landing
gear is lowered and locked and wheels are chocked. Failure to follow
this warning may cause semitrailer to roll resulting in injury to
personnel or damage equipment.
Wheel assembly is heavy. Use two people to remove wheel assembly
from studs. Failure to follow this warning could result in injury to
Engine compertment door must be secured in the open position prior
to removing from the engine compartment shroud. Failure to do so
may cause injury to personnel.
2. Remove curbside front-rear wheels, refer to TM 9-2330-330-14&P. Ensure that the axle is
supported by a jackstand.
3. Open engine compartment door.
4. Remove two self-locking nuts (10), two capscrews (7), and four flat washers (8) from engine
compartment shroud (5). Discard hardware.
5. Remove rivets, as necessary, and engine compartment door (4) from engine compartment
shroud (5). Discard engine compartment door and hardware.
6. Grind two latches (9) from engine compartment shroud (5).
7. Remove nut (11) and eye bolt with chain (6) from engine compartment shroud (5). Discard eye
bolt with chain and hardware.


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