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TB 9-2330-330-14&P-1
The source and application of the FTSS System is proprietary. For vehicle preparation, applications,
and reapplication of the FTSS System, contact VSE Corporation, 2550 Huntington Avenue, Alexandria,
VA 22303-1499. Or you may submit your request by phone (800) 455-4873 or fax (703) 960-2688.
Perform the following task after the FTSS coating has been
applied, dried, and inspected.
Refer to table 3-1, FTSS Kit Contents List, for a list of all
components installed during this procedure.
1. Cut two hoses (1) 5 inches (13 cm) from bulk rubber hose.
2. Cut two hoses (4) 42 inches (107 cm) from bulk rubber hose.
3. Install two drain hoses (1) and drain hose nipples (3) on semitrailer with four tube clamps (2).
4. Install two drain hoses (4) on drain hose nipples (3) with two tube clamps (2).
5. Install two drain hoses (4) on semitrailer with four universal conduit clips (5) and four thread
forming screws (6).


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