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TB 9-2330-330-14&P-1
32. Bend six clips (97) open and remove electrical conduit (96) from clips (97).
33. Remove six clips (97) by grinding flush to surface of semitrailer.
34. Open hose reel cabinet doors.
There are two hose reel cabinet door springs per cabinet and two
cabinets on the M696A3. This procedure removes the door springs
from the front cabinet.
Cabinet door must be secured in the open position prior to removal of
35. Remove four cotter pins (98), sixteen washers (102), four pins (101), and two hinges (103) from
four door spring brackets (99). Discard hinges and hardware.
36. Remove eighteen rivets (105), as required, and hose reel cabinet door (100) from hose reel
cabinet (104). Discard door and hardware.


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