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TB 9-2330-330-14&P-1
17. Remove self-locking nut (46), capscrew (44), two flat washers (45), and retaining strap (25) from
mounting bracket (23). Discard hardware.
The rear mounting bracket does not mount to crossmember.
18. Remove two self-locking nuts (47), two capscrews (43), four flat washers (48), and mounting
bracket (23) from fender (40). Discard hardware and mounting bracket.
19. Remove spare tire from semitrailer, refer to TM 9-2330-330-14&P.
20. Remove two self-locking nuts (52), two washers (51), U-bolt (50), and hazardous materials
placard bracket (53) from vapor recovery pipe (49) at rear of semitrailer. Discard washers
and nuts.


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