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TB 9-2330-329-14&P-1
95. Install ABS marker light (68) on rear fender panel (58) with four flat washers (3), two capscrews
(9), and two self-locking nuts (2). Torque self-locking nuts to 30-35 lb-ft (41-48 Nm).
1. Stow landing leg crank handle (3) in bracket (1) with safety pin (2).
2. Ensure the FTSS repair kit is stowed in tool box.
3. Check operation of door handle. Proper range of motion of door handle limits latch travel to the
90 degree arc between the latch stops on the inside surface of the armor door assembly and
inside surface of the door frame.
4. Release safety latch and lose armor door assembly. Rotate door handle to latched position.
Door handle should be in downward position. Check that armor door assembly is
securely closed.


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