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TB 9-2320-273-13&P-1
The Crew Protection Armor Kit consists of two armored doors, roof armor, windshield ballistic glass, floor armor, fire-
wall armor, rear cab armor panels, and an armored emergency exit.
The floor armor consists of three panels and is installed under the seat and operator floor controls. The door armor
assembly consists of an armored door, hinge, sliding ballistic glass, and armored frame that is mounted to the existing door
opening. The rear armor consists of two panels and rests on the floor armor. The roof armor consists of two panels that are sup-
ported by door frames, rear armor, and a center support. The windshield and side windows are constructed of ballistic glass.
The remaining armor panels are fastened to the vehicle using attachment brackets and Grade 8 attachment hardware.
0003 00-1/(0003 00-2 Blank)


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